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Avant Gardener and protegé of Sepp Holzer, world master in Permaculture, Chad Johnson has over two decades as a master ecosystem designer of Food Forests and Water Landscapes as well as being an advanced Biodynamics practitioner, .

His work goes beyond Restoration Agriculture, overlaying diverse resilient ecosystems onto edible human habitats, showing us how we can enrich our moments with loved ones and friends, and inviting us to become new inhabitants of the Earth,.

As a master food forest and water landscape designer, Chad Johnson was handpicked in North America by world-renowned master permaculturalist, Sepp Holzer, of Austria. Whether it's creating resilient, low-maintenance growing systems with waterways, ponds, and terraces, or tapping springs, he has travelled nationally and overseas on projects and excels at matching a dream landscape to his clients' lifestyle. His insight and passion in creating abundant growing systems while teaching others is a unique and precious gift. With hundreds of varieties for food and medicine, he currently operates Kingdom Come and Spirit Mountain Farm.  


"This is your new designer!"

- Sepp Holzer after seeing Chad's design at Sepp's first North American installation

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