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Certification Accreditation
Apprenticeship and Practioners
Through Permaculture Immersions

   Learn the secrets of nature    
    And How To Create
    Beauty,  Abundance, and Resilience

This is the romance back into the heart of nature.

I will teach you how I dream into, gain vision of, and design for paradise.

This is your food, medicine, playground, fertility, sacred place, health care, and connection with the source, the creator.

with Chad Johnson

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This is your favorite place to eat, play, heal, grow, meditate, pray, fish, and revive where you can swim to the edge to pick low hanging fruit.

This is the excitement of creating your own wonderland and an edible and medicinal water landscape to enhance and elevate nature, your life, and loved ones.

This is creating biodiversity and a nexus for all life.

This is healing and transformation for nature as well as its inhabitants.

This is gaining resilience every season in the face of climate extremes. 

This is the ultimate living art form.

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What you will learn:

You will learn how to listen, read, and work with nature.

You will learn foundational ways of working with the elements of earth, water, wind, and fire, with you being the creating force, spirit.

● Choosing the right land to fit your goals, vision, strengths, and desired quality of life

● Water management and creating a decentralized water retention landscape, naturally

● Holistic design using biodynamics, earthworks, keyline Design, plant and animal selection, and more

● Creating abundance, resilience, and beauty while taking strides toward sovereignty

You Become the Designer:

You are encouraged to bring a contour map of your own property to design and present on the last day of the seminar.

Or we will provide you with a contour map of the land for the exercise. You will receive feedback, ideas to strengthen the plan, and creative input.


Certification is accredited toward being a certified apprentice and practitioner.  Each day is a credit. 

A basic practitioner’s certification is 17 credits and the advanced practitioner’s is 33 credits.  Final certification is completed with design and implementation.

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I am always looking for qualified practitioners to join me on various projects, installations, and other opportunities.  Please message me through the contact page if interested in becoming a practitioner or have any questions.

These immersives are hands on experential Instruction which take place both outdoor and sometimes indoor.

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Bring Your Adventure To The Next Level of Living

Thanks for registering!

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